Time to Say Goodbye - Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

First heard this below classic some 17 - 18 years ago while living in Florida.  Am not a big fan of operatic music, but was very impressed with this piece.  For those who don't know Andrea Bocelli is totally blind.  If you have time take a few minutes and listen.  Hope you all enjoy as I have many times in the years since I first heard this haunting version of "Time to Say Goodbye"! 

A Conservative's Case against Capital Punishment

Why do we dare kill those who would upset our quiet organized peaceful world.  A world that is intended to be our oyster.  A world that must provide all the things we are entitled too.  Why must interlopers be allowed to upset our ordered apple cart?  I suppose the answer is simple and quite revealing as to who we are.  The human thing, the right thing to do is to embrace those poor helpless souls who are only victims of the society we have helped to create for them.  We must not condemn our brothers and sisters, but rather welcome into the human family of which they are a part.  But alas, that is not the case.  In recent years we have attempted to humanize the extermination of those we deem unfit for society.  We have developed strong concoctions of chemicals that make that "Crossing the Bar" experience less painful and in may cases quite enjoyable.  However, there are still certain areas in this sprawling nation that continue what can only be described as barbaric methods, when eliminating that undesirable John or Jane Doe.  In those state protected facilities stainless steel claws are used to crush the heads of the offending John and Jane Doe Fetuses!
It's our shame that we are more concerned about how a convicted murderer is put to death, than we are about how the most innocent among is sent to meet his maker.
by Ron Russell   


John Kerry, "your refrigerator is more dangerous than ISIS"!

John Kerry recently declared that your refrigerator is more dangerous than ISIS.  Does he plan to replace all those in his many mansions with the old fashion Ice-Box.  For those of you too young to remember the ice-box it was entirely self-contained and required no power source.  All you had to do was place a large block of ice in the upper compartment once or twice a week to keep your food and drinks cool---not cold as today's modern appliances do.  Private homes were serviced by the reliable "ice man" who visited weekly with that 50 - 100 pound block of ice.  Should Kerry decide to replace his dangerous refrigerators with ice-boxes we are wondering where he will get the ice vitally needed for that contraption!  In the old days there was a large ice house in almost every small town that supplied this frozen water to all it's citizens.  Of course, those ice factories had to use the same systems necessary for today's miracles of modern science to generate that frozen wonder.  But Kerry, being the millionaire he is, thanks to his wife's fortune, might just have ice imported from the glaciers of Greenland.  Glaciers, he is so set on saving from the advances of global warming.  WTF, let's just chip away at these big slabs of ice and get a little use out of them, before they melt and cause the oceans to rise.  Hell bring back the Ice-Box and the ice man, and screw the glaciers if that will make us safer.   

That rare moment when a Democrat tells the Truth

If you listen long enough eventually you will even hear 
a Democrat speak the truth!


Two DNC Conventions for price of one

People who clicked on the DNC convention this week got a tale of two cities.  The first two days were filled with an embrace of the socialist views of Bernie Sanders, a Utopian world where ISIS/ISIL doesn't even exist, the praise of cop haters and a welcoming of the BLM agenda, and finally an almost total absence of American flags with the exception of those being burned outside the Convention Center by angry disheartened Sander's supporters.
However beginning on day 3 and continuing until the final day of this gathering of clowns; suddenly and with warning America flags were everywhere, ISIS was the enemy, Ronald Reagan an America icon and of course that pat on the back for our men and women in blue!
Hallelujah!  Finally we got that often promised, but seldom delivered, "two for the price of one"!  Unfortunately when both lamb and lion are welcomed under the same tent both get hungry!  You know the outcome---only one will walk away satisfied and full!   


The White House Slaves built and where they continue to serve their Masters

H/T to Hope n' Change Cartoons
The lady that proudly boast she lives in a house that slaves built while instructing her personal house servants as to their daily duties all the time planning her next 5 star Vacation, paid for by the rest of us slaves.  Honestly, the only bright spot for this blogger is that come January 2017, Michelle and Barack will never have it this good again.  From then on, it's all downhill!

However I would be remiss, if I failed to address what is an obvious fact.  When Trump wins the election in November, his new digs at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave will not meet the standard he is accustomed too at Trump Towers.  Perhaps the bigger airplane will compensate for that.   


The Democrats Yellow Brick Road to Venezuela

This week we have been witness to the historic move of Democrats at their National Convention from  the corrupt corporate capitalism of Adam Smith to the new promised Shangri-la of Karl Marx.  It has taken almost two full generations to remove all capitalistic propaganda from our school textbooks so we could enlighten our young people with what had been the repressed teachings of Marx and Friedich Engels.  Soon, very soon following the election of Hillary Clinton along with a Democrat controlled Congress and a Supreme Court weighted to the left America will take that yellow brick road to Venezuelan socialism.  Then all Americans can experience the wonders of Marxist equality and the joys of poverty that comes with it.  Of course some will be more equal than others---after all the common man needs leaders to direct him in the ways of the new Utopia!  To insure this transition all newly indoctrinated Americans must go to the polls on election day and vote the straight Democratic Ticket.     


July 26, 2016 DNC Celebrates "Black Lives Matter"

You just might say, that today is Black Lives Matter day at the DNC.  Will will hear from the mothers of blacks who were killed by police.  It is fair to say, that all mothers love their children and I'm quite sure the mothers speaking at the DNC loved their departed sons.  That said, not all of those victims were innocent victims of police brutality.  In fact, one was trying to take the gun of a police officer after committing a crime in a nearby store.  And most of the others were killed while resisting lawful arrest.  Apparently most of these young men were never taught to respect authority and obey lawful police orders.  And yet, this evening the National Democratic Party Convention will parade these grieving mothers in front of the nation so they can point an accusing finger at our men and women in blue implying they are white racist intent on killing young black men.  In short the DNC is taking a page from the "Black Lives Matter's" playbook.  The leaders at the DNC may not call this black lives matter's day, but that's exactly what it is.  So if you choose to watch the latest episode of the Black Lives Matter fan club just tune in the DNC tonight! 


Debbie Wasserman Schultz forced to resign over email scandal while Hillary gets a pass

Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been forced to step down from her position as Chairwoman of the National Democratic Party following the release of emails by Wiki Leaks.  However these emails did not contain any national security documents as did the Clinton emails.  One must wonder why Wasserman-Schultz was forced from office while Hillary Clinton was given little more than a slap on the wrist by the Director of the FBI.  But this site is more concerned about those emails that Hillary deleted and were never recovered by specialist at the FBI----Hillary must have thought those to be awfully damning.  Too bad Wiki Leaks did not get those.  At any rate, its nice to be able to say "hasta la vista baby" to Debbie!


Hillary Clinton invites relatives of victims of Police shootings to speak at Democratic Convention, but fails to include families of slain police officers

If there was ever any doubt about where Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party stand on the issue of the conflict between "Black Lives Matter" and the Police it has been settled.  Hillary in her infinite wisdom has decided to invite the black relatives of victims of police shootings to speak at the convention while shunning the mostly white families of slain police officers killed by black thugs who were more or less waiving the banner of "Black Lives Matter"! 


Democrats call Trump's speech a dark Dystopian view of the world

Following Donald Trumps acceptance speech the media and Democrats were quick to label it as a dark and dystopian view of America and the world.  Evidently they would sweep the events of Paris, Nice, Brussels, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Orlando, San Bernardino, and of course Syria under the rug.  They would pretend these events never happened.  To them such things could never occur under the leadership of an Obama-Hillary administration.  If fact just yesterday in a news conference the President was quick to remind us that "the sun is shining and the birds tweeting"!  In other words, all is right with the world. Hearing Obama's words I'm reminded of the final few lines of the poem, "Casey at the Bat".  

"Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright; 
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
But there is no joy in Mudville - mighty Obama has struck out."


Trump protector of law and order, Hillary protector of Criminals and Thugs

The election of 2016 presents Americans with a clear choice.  On one hand their is Hillary Clinton who calls for police to be disarmed when it comes to tactical weapons.  Remember following the events in Ferguson when both Obama and Hillary placed the blame for the riots squarely on police.  Police they claimed that displayed too much force when confronting the thugs that would loot and burn businesses.  Hillary called for the federal government to demand that police departments across the nation return surplus military weaponry they had been provided.  Of course, Barack and Hillary did not stop there.  They both continued to paint police in this country as racist determined to keep the poor law abiding black man in his place.  Thus placing a target squarely on the back of officers for those groups only too eager to kill as many policemen as possible.  The Hillary madness didn't stop there.  Democrats are now calling for a review of the nations criminal codes with an eye toward giving convicted thugs less jail time, so they can quickly return to the streets and kill, loot, rob and rape again.  After all, as Hillary and Democrats claim---blacks in this country who break the law are not really criminals, but only victims of America's racist past.  
Donald Trump, on the other hand believes the police who enforce the law are that thin blue line that protects us from chaos and a complete collapse of law and order.  Sadly it appears that Hillary and the Democrats are pandering to what they see as the most important part of their base when they side with thugs and anarchist in the streets against the forces of law and order.  It would appear this election is a struggle between two divergent groups----those that support Law and Order and those that would trample existing laws (just look at Crooked Hillary) and push Police over the cliff!!  


Star and Crescent: Symbol of Sh*t Hole

Were old-timers trying to tell us something when they put the star and crescent moon on their outhouses?  Of course those are the recognized international symbol for Islam.  Immediately above is the Turkish flag.  Following last nights failed coup in Turkey we will see the last vestige of secularism disappear from the Middle East and full blown Islamism sweep across that region and slowly push it's way into southern Europe.  There is a struggle between Islam, Christianity, and secularism.  A war that the forces of Mohammad are winning.  A conflict that is coming to America, if not already here, with the forces of Christianity in full retreat.  Here, in this country, where secularist seem to be winning the battle against Christians, those in the secular community seem to have little stomach to take a stand against the onrushing threat posed not only by radical Islam, but Islam in general.  In short, there is a war with Islam, but a war that our leaders in Washington fail to recognize or even admit.  A war that the west is losing!!! 


Nice, Terrorist attack kills 84: Will Obama call for background check on all truck buyers

Last nights terrorist attack at Nice, France kills 84 and injures many more.  Following a fireworks display on Bastille Day a lone Islamic Terrorist drove a large truck down a street where tens of thousands had gathered to enjoy the pyrotechnical extravaganza on the French Rivera.  Crushed bodies and body parts were strewn across a one mile area and dazed survivors sought out loved ones or shelter in nearby hotels.
Following almost every terrorist attack here in the United States our President has called for stricter gun control measures.  It seems Obama never blames the terrorist for the act but the evil gun.  In light of that, one must wonder if Barack will now call for background checks on all truck buyers and an outright ban on trucks deemed to be a danger to society.  Sounds kind of silly, but with Barack Obama who knows.  While as any sane person should know we must ban terrorist and not guns and trucks one must realize insanity runs rampant in Washington.        


Black Lives Matter's solution to race problem, keep cracker Police Officers out of Ghetto

Apparently, according to some in BLM movement one solution to America's race problem would be to remove white cracker racist police officers from inner city areas.  After all those that suffer from "white privilege" will never understand the poor down-trodden black man.  Hallelujah, finally something I can agree with them on.  It's certainly true that this white man could never agree that just because a man's skin is black he is entitled and that the State should trample the rights of others to assure he gets what coming to him.  But I would one up BLM and insist that young thuggish black men be keep out of predominately white areas of the city.  After all, as the old saying goes, "what's good for the goose is good for the gander".  Seems only right that if certain whites are banned from black neighborhoods, they certain blacks should be banned from white areas.  Shades of "Jim Crowe"!!!!   


Drink and Drive with a Tesla

Ever want to pop a top on a cold one while cruising down the highway?  In the very near future you can just flip on that ultimate cruise control switch and enjoy that cold one in the front seat or that hot one in the rear while traversing the country.  Just joking, but wondering when the Tesla is perfected if DUI's will still be applicable for one who is simply a passenger in a vehicle where the machine is in control.  Perhaps when that future car is driving crookedly the officer can just issue a ticket to the manufacture.  Sorry about this nonsensical post but just cannot find the groove today.    


Money will bring people together more than sex or race!

Many thought that in the election of 2008, that electing a black president would improve race relations.  However, race relations under President Obama have actually got worse.  Now again in 2016 many women seem to believe that by electing a woman president their lives will improve. Perhaps they will, assuming they break out their checkbooks and write one to the Clinton Foundation----that's the only sure way to get Hillary's attention.  The sad truth is that money will bring people together more than race or sex!  Get use to it!!!!!! 


Barack Obama wanted for complicity in murder of 5 Dallas Cops

Following the two recent shootings of black men by white police officers in Minnesota and Baton Rogue, LA, before the blood had even dried President Obama quickly pointed a condemning finger at the officers in both cases.  Cases that were still under investigation.  Obama was joined in this misguided outrage by most in the media and even the Governor of Minnesota, who asserted that if the victim had been white there would have been no shooting---implying the officer involved was a racist.  All of this before the facts were revealed.  This of course, is nothing new for Obama.  After all he did the same thing in the Ferguson case where Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson who was completely exonerated after a lengthy investigation by the FBI.  President Obama, perhaps more than anyone, should realize that words have consequences especially his words coming from the bully pulpit.  It is sad that this President cannot be prosecuted for his complicity in the murders of the five Dallas police officers.  Obama's racist rhetoric toward police following the shootings in MI and LA may very well have been the spark that started the fire in the mind of Micah Johnson, the murderous Dallas shooter!         


The Art of Washington Politics

Even most little kids act better than the clowns 
we have elected to govern us!


Hillary found guilty by FBI, but bailed out by DOJ and POTUS

Just yesterday, the FBI laid out a formidable case against Secretary Hillary Clinton, but failed to recommend indictment.  One must wonder if this action by the FBI Director was influenced by President Obama saying some months ago that she was not guilty or by the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  Whatever the reason, it has once again been shown that there is one set of rules for the Clinton's and another for us lowly slobs!  


Bill Clinton's "Tryst on the Tarmac"

Following a somewhat stealth-like meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bubba Clinton aboard her government  jet, a tete-a-tete that lasted some 30 minutes, both parties agreed that this "tryst on the tarmac" was perfectly innocent and the two only exchanged pleasantries about their grandchildren and his golf game.  However, it should be noted that Loretta Lynch's plane underwent extensive cleaning when it returned to Andrews Air Force Base  outside Washington with special attention given to the carpet in the executive lounge!