Mueller set to reveal Evidence of Trump-Russian Collusion following DNA analysis

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the J. Edgar Hoover Building (FBI Headquarters) in Washington champagne corks are popping as Special Counsel Robert Mueller is set to release proof that President Donald Trump not only colluded with Russia but had sexual relations with an undercover Russian agent. Deep state sources in the Special Counsel's office have reveled, some years ago citizen Trump spent the evening with a Brighton Beach (Little Odessa) 'Lady of the Evening' while Melania was visiting relatives in her native Slovenia. Unbeknown to her superiors at the Kremlin ,this female Russian agent aka Hooker kept the Blue Stained Dress she wore in her brief tete-a-tete with Donald Trump a secret.  A secret she only just revealed to the Deep State employees of Robert Mueller in the Justice Department.  Of course, the Blue Dress along with the details of this salacious rendezvous in Trump Tower were not freely given, but were only provided to the FBI after the government deposited some $3,000,000 to a numbered Swiss Bank Account of American tax-payer dollars.  

Details of what some are calling The Great anti-Trump Coup are just emerging.  After buying the relatively inexpensive dress (by government standards) for only $2,500 per sq. inch, samples of the questionable stain were forwarded to "23 and Me" for analysis.  While at the same time an heroic undercover Deep State Operative, FBI agent was able to penetrate The Kremlin West aka Trump's White House and obtain a sample of the President's DNA  from his 'double dip ice cream bowl' while attending that most repugnant of all events, The White House Christmas Party.

After analysis of the stained dress and over-sized ice cream bowl were revealed uncontrolled cheers could be heard coming from the Hoover Building.  Seems that not only did the DNA from the dress and bowl match, but after the comparison with an old sample of Vladimir Putin's DNA, '23 and Me' confirmed that there is a 99.999 % probability that Trump and Putin are 2nd cousins twice removed.. 
by Ron Russell  
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Brooklyn College would Ban Cops from Campus Toilet Facilities

State funded Brooklyn College in NYC has deemed it necessary to ban cops from their primary restrooms on campus and directed them to a broken-down facility at the edge of the campus.  The faculty and students thinking is apparently, that seeing a cop in uniform would trigger the snowflakes in their safe-spaces.  For some reason, seeing a "No Police Allowed" sign posted on a public toilet somehow reminds me of the "White Only" signs across the south in the old Jim Crow days of the 1960's!  And no this is not fake news.  Truth is often stranger than fiction.  You can read the disgusting details of the story here, from the New York Post!

And don't blame the students for their thinking.  They are simply reflecting the thoughts and opinions of their minders (the faculty).  Thoughts and opinions that are alien to America, but found at virtually all institutions of so-called 'higher learning' across the country.
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Mexican Turds land on Imperial Beach in Southern California

Although the state of California has thrown out the welcome mat for visitors from the south apparently some citizens near Imperial Beach have called for a halt to unwanted raw sewage, toxic waste and chemicals being dumped into the Tijuana River which flows north contaminating some beaches in Southern California.  I suppose there is a moral to this story:  "some think only the cream rises to the top, they but seem to forget that turds also float."  You can read the story of the Mexican raw sewage being  sent to California via the Tijuana River here!

Mueller's Punitive Monday Prep-Walk

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller was beginning to find himself in a bind after the Uranium One scandal resurfaces along with the fact the so-called Russian Dossier was paid for by Hillary and her gang at the DNC.  Apparently Mueller is striking back with leaked information that a Washington grand jury has indicted someone in his shamefully expensive investigation of Russian collusion by the Trump campaign.  I have little doubt the person indicted will be shackled and perp-walked today in front of Mueller's fans in the corrupt media.  Normally when such arrest are made, the subject is given the opportunity to turn himself in rather than being cuffed and paraded before the cameras if he is not a flight risk.  Will this be the case today?  Or will the special prosecutor grand stand, and herd his sacrificial lamb to the slaughter.
Whatever the case, I personally feel, that Robert Mueller's days of running what I view as a latter-day Spanish Inquisition are numbered.  Occasionally, 'sanity' wins a round, and I suspect this will be one of those.    

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